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About Me  
Born 1953
Nationality Japanese
Resident Country Japan
When did you start living there? 1985
Height 160cm
Weight 57 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Marital Status Widow
Occupation Trading business
What year did you start the job? 1995
Education University graduate
Language Japanese, Chinese, a little English
Hobbies & Interests Reading learning, art appreciation, gourmet health, fitness tourism.
Do you want children someday? No
Do you already have children? Yes - Eldest son is 30 years old and independent in Japan. Second son is 20 years old, and American college student.
Do you smoke? No
How would you describe your personality? Honest, optimistic, independent, self-confident
What is most important to you? Finding a marriage partner.
What countries have you been to? Germany, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
For the future spouse  
Is there anything about you which your future spouse would want to know before becoming involved with you? A big crowd, I was just looking for an understanding of tolerance, life and death a trusted partner. Two sons already independent. Thank God gave me so much: the young mature attitude, healthy extensive hobby, wife and mother of the character; I sincerely look forward to the gift of love...
What are your hopes and plans for the future? I was holding a US green card Japanese citizens, the United States had my big family; I always look forward to maintaining a close relationship with the family members of the two, please give understanding and respect.
What message would you like to send to your future spouse? Exotic culture itself is love of "seasoning": it cultivates intellectual, open-minded, humorous; let life blossom longevity glory. . . Let's share it!
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