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Client #: 62529147

About Me  
Born 1972
Nationality Japanese
Resident Country Japan
When did you start living there? 1972
Height 160 cm
Weight 48 kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Marital Status Widow
Occupation Engineer (Machinery research & development)
What year did you start the job? 2000
Education Post graduate at Hokkaido University
Language Japanese, English
Hobbies & Interests Traveling, hot springs, having tasty foods. Appreciation of comedy, musical and so on. House holding. Have relaxing time with my dog, Tahitian dancing, flower arrangement.
Do you want children someday? Yes
Do you already have children? No
Do you smoke? No
How would you describe your personality? Doing things at my own pace and easygoing. I’m cheerful, sociable and curious about everything. Honest and sincere with other people. I think I have the strength to be able to overcome anything while keeping a smile.
What is most important to you? Making people around me smile, making tasty foods, having family who support each other while respecting and caring with warmth through any circumstances.
What countries have you been to? Canada, Italy, France, USA, Vietnam, Tahiti, Macau, Fiji, Hawaii, Cebu
For the future spouse  
Is there anything about you which your future spouse would want to know before becoming involved with you? I’ve lived in Canada for studying, but I’m not fluent at English. I’d like to improve it through communication with you. I’m keeping a small dog and she is friendly and cute. I’m hoping continue to be with her. Depend on our decision or in the future, I’m willing to think of living overseas.
What are your hopes and plans for the future? I’d like to meet a partner who needs me, raise a warm family and travel all over the world together someday. If possible, I’d like to keep my current job, but if we’ll do better to go overseas, I’m flexible about it.
What message would you like to send to your future spouse? I’m getting excited about waiting to meet my future prince!
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