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Client #: 62123475

About Me  
Born 1979
Nationality Japanese
Resident Country Japan
Years resident 26
Height 161cm (5'3½")
Weight 54kg (118 lbs.)
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Marital Status Divorced
Occupation International trainer at French cosmetic company
Years at occupation 8
Income 65,000JPY per year (60,000 euro)
Education Bachelor of Arts at traditional women's university in Tokyo; studied for 1 year at state university in Arizona, USA
Language Japanese (native), English (very fluent), German (fluent), French (basic knowledge)
Hobbies & Interests I'm interested in various things — sometimes very active, sometimes very relaxing — traveling, reading, cooking, taking a walk, watching movie, musicals/operas, going to museums, learning foreign languages
Do you want children someday? Yes
Do you already have children? No
Do you smoke? No
How would you describe your personality? Very friendly and outgoing, flexible, honest, caring, intelligent, positive, kind, and funny (have sense of humor) and charming!
What is most important to you? Having a warm family. My family was very close and support each other. Hence, I would like to have a family like mine. I am quite successful in my work, but I think it is not the most important thing in my life. I want to have someone who I really care and who cares me a lot.
What countries have you been to? 40 countries, many of them are European and Asian countries (including business trips as JAL cabin attendant).
For the future spouse  
Is there anything about you which your future spouse would want to know before becoming involved with you? I can adopt myself in new environment quite easily even in foreign countries, as I have studied in USA for 1 year and worked in Germany for 4 years before. Besides, I can speak English and German fluently and have knowledge in French, so I have no worries to live in your country if I am fallen in love with you!
What are your hopes and plans for the future? I am flexible either to live in Japan or in any other countries, as long as I can be close to my loved one. I want to do many things together with my husband, and share happy things together! Then having family with lots of smiles!
What message would you like to send to your future spouse? With me, I am sure that you can have happy life which you never get bored! I am very funny person with lots of interests, and hope I can share them with you together.
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